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         In today's modern world "Hacking" has become an on-and-off topic of every major news circuit. Whether it's botnets like a large scale Dedicated Denial of Service attack, SQL injections, hardware hacking, or just phishing a Facebook page, The word "Hacking" has become a extremely popular subject even for those who are not a "l337 h4xxor" or don't know the first thing about how to use a computer. But the word "hacking" is not just limited to computers and networks anymore. Altering of biological matter and anything that can be bought at a store and then altered for a different use after it is out of the box is now being deemed "hacking". But that's not what this site is about. We want all of you who watch these "l337 h4xxors" on the news with envy to learn about the trade and the different ways you too can use these skills for making money, helping in a political situation (like Anonymous with their famed intrusion into the Israeli Intelligence Database, Or when they exposed Colombian Drug Cartel associates), or simply getting back at whoever it is that pissed you off.
         Here at Contrahax we strive to give you all the latest news of what modern hackers are doing around the world. Seriously, anything that has to do with "hacking", we want to know about it and share it with you, We also want to provide every do-it-yourself guide we can on every subject there is on anything considered hacking. For some of you that means more blackhat methods like spamming, or those ever so popular DDoS attacks, and some of you want to know some whitehat methods like how to write unique content for your blog. Our goal is not to show you "tips and tricks" or simple software that does whatever you want it to at the click of a button, that's unrealistic. We want to educate you so you will know how to apply these skills for a vast variety of instances. If your here for a simple "Password cracking software" for Facebook, I'm sorry to say, but you'll have less luck looking somewhere else and it sure as hell isn't here. On the subject of blackhat methods, there is no magic software out there that will let you exploit something public. It *might* be written by someone but once that software goes public, and that exploit is found, it will be fixed and that ever so magical software will be useless. Learning how to adapt to fixes and finding a new exploit is what real hacking is about.
         The road to becoming a "l337 h4xxor" is a long and hard one. But once you're there, the possibilities are literally endless. And what you do with your new-found "l337" skills is up to you, IF you know how to cover your tracks. It's not like anyone's going to stop you right? Be safe, Be smart, and happy hacking!

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Drone U: A Defense Department Engineer Warns About Drone Hacking
Every week on Future Tense, we highlight a talk from Drone U in which a leading thinker speaks about what our drone future may look like. Drone U is produced in cooperation with the New America Foundation. (Future Tense is a partnership of Slate, the …
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Student hackers make Apple's iOS 7 Siri way more useful with Spotify support
"GoogolPlex is a hack on Siri (iOS 7 compatible) that allows Siri to integrate with third-party apps and hardware with custom commands like “turn on the lights.” Setup takes a minute and no jailbreaking is required. GoogolPlex already allows you to …
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Judge dismisses US hacking lawsuit

Judge dismisses US hacking lawsuit
A US federal judge has dismissed a shareholder lawsuit against Rupert Murdoch and other executives of News Corp. alleging they withheld key information about Britain's phone hacking scandal. Judge Paul Gardephe dismissed the case on Tuesday, saying …
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CIA Accused of Hacking Senate Staffer Computers
The CIA's internal watchdog, its inspector general, is reviewing whether CIA agents hacked into the computers of Senate staffers who were involved in producing a report critical of the agency's now-defunct detention and interrogation program, The New …
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Hacking with the government: The growing push for a new open data plan
This opinion is echoed by Darcy Christ, a systems designer at Hong Kong University, and founder of Hacks/Hackers, a group that brings together journalists, web designers and developers. “[Data.one] is a good initiative but it doesn't go far enough in …
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Lastest Hacking News

Computer hacker gains access to work documents of Peterborough academy
An investigation has started after a computer hacker gained access to the personal files of a head teacher at a Peterborough academy. The hacker emailed 29 work documents to all 2,092 students at the Thomas Deacon Academy, in Queen's Gardens, after …
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Hacking trial: Rupert Murdoch worried about Rebekah Brooks' welfare when
Details of the call made by the global boss of News Corp was given at the phone hacking trial by Cheryl Carter, PA to Mrs Brooks during 16 years of her career at Mr Murdoch's UK print division. On the second day of her defence evidence, Mrs Carter, 49 …
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Welcome to Hacking Education!
Hacking gets a bad rap, especially when our credit cards have been cancelled because of the latest 'data breach'. But hacking isn't always negative. Hackerspaces are one example of how the concept has been recuperated — they are spaces where anyone …
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Phone-hacking trial: Brooks 'had nothing to do' with archiving notepads

Phone-hacking trial: Brooks 'had nothing to do' with archiving notepads
Rebekah Brooks had nothing to do with the archiving of seven boxes labelled as containing her notebooks that were allegedly concealed from police during the phone hacking investigation, a jury in the Old Bailey has heard. Her former secretary said …
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Hackers Can Break Into A Tesla By Cracking A 6-Character Password
Nitesh Dhanjani, a corporate security consultant, Tesla owner and author of books on hacking, said at a conference in Singapore on Friday that he recently conducted a study of the Tesla Model S sedan and found several design flaws in its security system.
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